Friday, July 12, 2013

Golden Birthday: Party!

As promised, it's party recap day! In the planning stages, Corinne came in with the idea that she wanted to feel like this. With Beyonce in mind, I started thinking about things being big and over the top. Gatsby-like! I have this theory that parties with small/cute/twee elements are going the way of the buffalo and that parties with over-sized/outrageous/stunning components are IN. Combined with our wacky, hot pink, zebra-carpeted space, I thought this was a good way to go.

A party isn't a party without jams, so the golden girls created a Spotify playlist as a guide for our four amazing DJs. (It's good to have kind, musical friends!) They all perform locally in San Francisco, so you should definitely try to stop in if you see any of these names: Freddie Future of Slayers Club and DuckPondJupiter Henry, and Spank Bank and Ma Yeah of The Janky Barge. (Obviously, we had to decorate the DJ table with a little gold tinsel.)

As I mentioned, the event team at Bruno's were very accommodating and open to anything we wanted. We thought it would be fun to have a golden-themed birthday cocktail, thus the "Golden Sunrise" was born. Feeling the Art Deco/Gatsby vibe, I put my Word skills to work. ( is a godsend when the average sans serif is just not gonna do it for you.)

via Jacqueline McCawley

I told you I compromised on the confetti at the venue, but not in my small studio kitchen. I liked the idea of a runner on the bar to go along with the cocktail signs. Since I enjoy doing things the hard way, this involved spray painting butcher paper, using Mod Podge to paint a chevron pattern and then sprinkling confetti over the glue. Did I mention that the runner was about eight feet long and I had to do this in three foot increments due to the size of my kitchen table? It ended up looking cool, but I think there is an easier way to do something like this: buy gold wrapping paper and use thick strips of double sided tape, rather than glue. You're on your own with the confetti cleanup. Also, hot tip: don't ever try to spray paint in a studio. #lessonsinlivingalone

In other projects, we always love to have a photo wall at our parties and you know that I was super into this. I spent a lot of time poring over pictures of the Confetti System team at work to figure out how to make the gold wall a reality. I sketched out the plan three times before I settled on something I liked.

We started with a blank sheet of butcher paper and then I went through and drew the map on top. I made some modifications because we ended up adjusting the size. In order to figure out how much mylar/tinsel was needed, I basically calculated the square footage of the butcher paper and then did some fancy (for me) math.

For the materials, I learned the hard way last time that cutting strips of tinsel is way too time consuming and really requires perfection for the tightest look. Rather than hunt down rolls of mylar paper (which were sold out or very expensive online) I used pre-cut fringe, which was way easier. As you can see from the map, there are few different types of cuts: regular fringe, small fringe, "dino teeth" fringe and big fringe. I ended up just using the mylar curtain for the regular and small fringe. For the "dino teeth" and big fringe cuts, I picked up a few sheets of mylar at Arch Drafting Supply and did a few quick cuts with a rotary cutter. I was really stumped by how CS made some of the mylar look folded, and again, it was too much to find huge sheets of mylar to achieve the look. I ended up buying mylar cord, which, once unraveled, worked like a dream. We glued most of the mylar down using rubber cement. Highly recommended. It dries quickly and peels off if you make a mistake.

The finished product wasn't perfect, but I figured with the dark lighting in Bruno's, the color would sort itself out. (I was right!)

They say true San Franciscans always have a dress up box of costumes at the ready for any occasions. After years of parades, parties and other dress up events, we have amassed quite the collection!

via Malorie Lucich

Since the Pussycat Lounge is already so visually stimulating, we didn't really add much more to the mix. We bought some big number balloons and scattered gold ones on the floor. A TaskRabbit delivered the numbers (again, I've learned the hard way...not a fun job) and he asked who was turning 92...very funny.

via Jacqueline McCawley

Some sort of birthday dessert is a necessity at a birthday party, so Corinne baked 60 mini cupcakes. At midnight, we lit the candles and the birthday girls blew them out before we could even sing "Happy Birthday!"

Overall, it was SO fun to plan and everyone had a blast--I think! Until next time...

via Malorie Lucich

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  1. woah that's a lot to put into a birthday party, what a lucky friend! love the golden confetti pizazz :)